Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Choose places where you shop for crochet patterns wisely!

Hi, everybody!
I am sure all of  us when buying a pattern, expect to get clear instructions and be able to make the product. Sometimes patterns have mistakes (it happens, we all people!), sometimes we feel like not up to the task, but there is another case - pattern, that can't be called a pattern by any means and yet, it is being offered in exchange for your hard-earned money.
I was contacted recently that my free notes for Boston Proper Vest:

,which I posted here and not so many people were able to make this vest eventually, because my notes are notes and very indistinct as it was my intention, because the pattern is not mine,
so these notes were being sold as a pattern for $6.40 on Etsy!
I checked the shop and they use 3rd party images and notes like mine as "patterns".
What a shame and disrespect to the buyers!
Somebody bought the pattern and then came across my web-site and felt robbed!
So, please, be aware and stay clear off this one!
Happy crocheting, my friends!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Irish Crochet Motifs Pattern - 5 Petals Flower and Branch - Crochet Applique Embellishment Pattern - new in the shops.

Please, take a look at my new pattern / tutorial.
As usual, done with step-by-step pictures, written instructions and charts.
These motifs don't have to be part of proper Irish Crochet project. Used as embellishment they would make any plain shirt stand out. Framed, they'd become a lovely decoration for your house.

See this pattern in my Etsy shop.

Check it out in my Ravelry shop and take advantage of Ravelry library convenience with all your patterns always available for a download.

  without registration.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Turtle Neck Sweater Pattern is available again at Etsy shop.

Hi everybody,
I've a got a message from somebody today. That person could't get my pattern from Etsy store; she was trying for some time. When you make a listing on Etsy, you put a number of copies available and choose to renew automatically or manually. Sometimes I miss one or another! Pattern would sell one time and then it wouldn't be available because I had to renew it manually or it was just one in the shop!
I am so grateful to that person to reaching out to me! :))))
So it was the sweater:

And it's available at Etsy store again.
Happy crocheting, my friends!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Irish Crochet Motifs Pattern - Poppy Flower and Fern -Fiber art to frame - New pattern in the shops.

I believe some crochet should be just framed and hung as art, not worn.
This composition looks beautiful in my hallway.

Get this Pattern from Etsy.

See this Pattern in my Ravelry shop.

*This is a crochet pattern and not the finished item*

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Frame these beautiful Irish Crochet motifs to decorate your home. 
Follow written instructions and charts.

Skill level: Intermediate.

ch (chain), sc (single crochet), sl st (slip stitch), dc (double crochet).

This pattern includes:
- written instructions;
- charts.

Crochet hook:
- 1 mm.

Recommended materials:
- 1 ball of cotton crochet thread size10 in ecru; shown here – Aunt Lidia's crochet thread Classic 10 (3 ply 100% mercerized cotton thread, 400yd/365.75m) in ecru.
- Tapestry needle for weaving in ends, 7 mm diameter pencil for button.
- To frame: frame, background fabric, starch spray, fabric glue, pins, matching ecru color sewing thread, hand-sewing needle.

Finished size:
-Bigger flower is 5'' (12 cm), smaller flower is 3'' (7.5 cm) in diameter.
- Fern branch, described in the instructions is about 6 ¾'' (17 cm) long.
- Composition is 18 ¼'' x 9'' (46.5 x 22.5 cm).
- Gauge is not important for this project.

- Flowers and their centers are made separately; centers are stitched on after composition is arranged.

My biggest gratitude for your interest in my pattern!

Thanks for visiting my shop OutstandingCrochet!
© 2016 Natalia Kononova

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Celtic Choker Necklace Crochet Pattern - Addition to Celtic Bracelet - New pattern in the shops.

Hi, everybody!
This new piece of fiber jewelry was added to my patterns shop.
I haven't added new patterns for a while. I moved to a new place and what I've been doing are - caulking bathrooms, repairing dry walls, installing toilets... you name it... :))
I also finished and sent a skirt pattern to the magazine. 
Remember, spring will come, it will come and we need new jewelry!
Thank you for your interest!

Happy crocheting, my friends!

Crochet Choker Necklace and Bracelet/Wide Wrist Cuff Set Pattern.

crochet Choker Necklace Pattern.

Crochet Bracelet Pattern.

Crochet Bracelet Pattern.

Set Pattern:

Necklace Pattern:

Bracelet Pattern:



*This is a crochet pattern and not the finished item*

Influenced by Celtic ornaments this set is an attention magnet. Fiber jewelry is soft unlike metal. 
Please, note: bracelet and necklace patterns are also available separately.
Crochet level:
You should know how to crochet following stitches:
ch (chain), sl st (slip stitch), sc (single crochet), hdc (half double crochet), dc (double crochet), 2 dc tog (2 double crochet together), 5 dc tog (5 double crochet together).
This pattern includes:
- my love to every single step in creating crochet patterns :)
- written instructions;
- very detailed step-by-step pictures;
- charts.

Instructions are given in English language, American terminology.

If you are not familiar with crochet charts, you can follow step-by-step-pictures and written instructions, given under each image. 
Take a look at charts now and then and you might become a chart guru after all :)
Crochet hook:
- 1 mm.
Recommended materials:
- 1 ball of linen 3 ply thread (YarnStories on Etsy) in 104 natural color – lace weight, slightly thinner than cotton thread size 10; linen thread is strongly recommended over cotton thread for fiber jewelry;
- for the necklace: 30 round beads (size 4 mm) for 15'' (36 cm) size necklace, shown here – howlite dyed turquoise; add or eliminate 2 beads for every button (see Size section);
- for the bracelet: 7 (8, 9) for size 6 ¼ ( 7 1/8, 8)'' / 16 (18.2, 20.4) cm 3/16'' (4 mm) round beads;
- 2 bracelet toggle clasps 1/2'' (1.3 cm) size;
- matching color sewing thread, tapestry needle, hand-sewing needle, optional - stitch marker.
Necklace size:
- 15 buttons/toggle ring necklace is 15'' (36 cm) long;
- one button adds 7/8'' (2.3 cm) in length; add or eliminate buttons to make your own size.
- necklace width is 2-3/8 '' (6 cm).

Bracelet size:
- 16 (18.2, 20.4) cm / 6 ¼ (7 1/8, 8'');
- 7 buttons/toggle ring bracelet is 16 cm/6-1/4'' long;
- 8 buttons/toggle ring bracelet is 18.2 cm/7-1/8'' long;
- 9 buttons/toggle ring bracelet is 20.4 cm/8'' long;
- bracelet width is 6 cm/2-3/8''. 
My biggest gratitude for your interest in my pattern!

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- It is not allowed to sell finished items based on any of my patterns without permission.
- Please, do not share my pattern as it takes a lot of hard work and time to learn skills, required for designing, writing, photographing and putting together crochet patterns. Copyright violation is not a victim-less crime!
- All photos and diagrams are copyrighted and all rights to this pattern are owned by Natalia Kononova.
- Do not copy, share, resell, or forward this pattern to anyone. No part of this work may be reproduced, transmitted or published in any form or by any means without prior written permission.
- This material can not be used for any type of mass production/ manufacturing!
- Use of any photo or video material or link to a photo for commercial purposes that belongs to Natalia Kononova is strictly prohibited.
- All rights reserved. All documents are the property of Natalia Kononova. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means. It is strictly prohibited to use my patterns for commercial purposes.
mercial purposes.
- You are not allowed to sell finished items based on this pattern.

Thank you for respecting the copyright law!
Best wishes to you and Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Free Crochet Tutorial - Romanian Cord Drawstring with Tassels.

You will need:

  • 2 strands of cotton crochet thread size 10 (shown here DMC Cebelia, size 10)
  • crochet hook size 2 mm


  • ch - chain stitch
  • RC - Romanian Cord
  • rem -remaining
  • rep - repeat
  • sc - single crochet
  • sk - skip
  • yo - yarn over hook
  • [ ] - repeat instructions within specified number of times

Romanian Cord:

Leave 10'' (25 cm) end. Make a loose slip knot,

ch 2,

sk 1 ch, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in slip knot, turn you work from right to left.

Find 2 loops (1st sc back loop and back ridge, in this case each loop is consisted out of 2 strands). 

Insert hook under those 2 loops, yo, 

draw yarn through 2 loops only,


draw yarn through rem 2 loops, turn you work from right to left.

Again, find 2 loops.

Insert hook under 2 loops, yo,

draw yarn through 2 loops only.


draw yarn through rem 2 loops, turn you work from right to left.

Beginning 2 loops to insert hook under looked a little bit different and harder to find. On the 3rd time, as this picture shows, they become easier to spot. [Insert hook under 2 loops, yo, draw yarn through 2 loops only, yo, draw yarn through rem 2 loops, turn you work from right to left] rep as many times as you need to reach desired length.

Leave 10'' (25 cm) end. Fasten off.

Tassels (make 2):

Cut a 4''/10 cm long winding board from cardboard or plastic canvas. Wind 1 strand of size 10 crochet thread around board 30 times.

Slide wound threads off board, tie 15''/38 cm long piece of  thread 2 strands around middle of looped thread into one knot on one side, then 2 knots on another.

Pull ends of tightening thread upward (2 knots are inside the tassel head) and wound threads downward, adjust into tassel shape. Cut a 20''/50 cm length of thread (shown different color for visibility) to wrap tassel neck. Make a loop as shown, 

grasp another end, and wrap it tightly over loop and around tassel, working from the top of the neck down, so neck threads lie evenly next to one another. As you wrap, ensure all the threads in the head and skirt are neatly in place. 

When done, pass end through beg loop, 

tighten up by pulling both ends in opposite directions.

 Thread tapestry needle with ends and tuck them into tassel skirt.

Optional: you can leave tightening thread ends for attaching the tassel.

Cut through looped ends. Trim tassel ends, a few threads at a time.

Draw Romanian Cord String through your garment. Thread tapestry needle with Romanian Cord 10'' (25 cm) end. Sew cord end and tassel head together, going through RC tip and tassel middle tightening thread a few times.

Weave in the end: draw thread through RC about 1'' (2.5 cm) up,

draw thread through RC down to the tassel,

tuck end into tassel head, trim.

Repeat instructions to attach another tassel.

Thank you for learning with me!
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Happy crocheting, my friends!