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Hey everybody! My name is Natalia Kononova. Welcome to Hedera Mittens and Wrist-Warmers MAKE ALONG!

This MAL is hosted at Outstanding Crochet and Friends Facebook group.

This pattern is available in English (American crochet terminology), Nederlands (Dutch), and Русский (Russian)  languages. Pattern is discounted for the group members.

To buy a pattern click on buttons above. This is a relaxing MAL without any dead-lines. I will be posting guidance, extra materials, and answering your questions. All materials for the MAL will remain on my website. Go with your own pace. Please don't post picture of pages or charts from the pattern, only particular rows you have a question about. Thank you!

Skill level:

This pattern is a combination of nothing more than front post and back post double crochet (in American crochet terminology), and their increasing, decreasing variations.

You can make this pattern in one color, and it will look beautiful. A bit of learning curve is required if you choose 2 or even 3 color. You have to enclose non-working yarn in stitches, It takes some time to get used to, and it slightly slows you down, but the result is worth the effort.

I have written instructions, charts, multiple videos, and step pictures to help you out.

Trying mitts on:

Mittens introduction:

Wrist-Warmers introduction:

Starting BPdc rounds:

Embossed crochet stitches: front post and back post double crochet (FPdc and BPdc):

When I started to draw charts for my first embossed crochet pattern I realized I can't use regular graphic symbols for stitches. They made charts very confusing, and embossed elements were not standing out. I came up with custom symbols and abbreviations to make this patterns possible to follow for both, charts- and written instruction readers.

To cover the basics:

Front post double crochet / FPdc = F

Back Post double crochet / BPdc = B


2 F in one stitch / FPdc2inc = F2i

2 B in one stitch / BPdc2inc = B2i


2 F together / FPdc2tog = F2t

2 B together / BPdc2tog = B2t

Embossed crochet stitches:

Embossed Crochet Charts Reading Tutorial

Get to the next level: crochet embossed and watch TV:

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