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Announcement: Choose color combination.

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Hey everybody,

My name is Natalia Kononova.


I am so happy to make-along one of my crochet designs in a great company of Scheepjes friends once again!

This time it's 2 in 1 Serenum Cardigan/ Sweater Convertible Crochet Pattern!

To participate in the MAL:

  • Get this pattern with 20% discount ($4.39) from 9 June to 27 July 2021via buttons below.

  • Join Scheepjes community via Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep where you can share your work, see other members progress, get support from the designer, your crochet buddies, mods and admins, and access all extras I might share during the MAL!

Pattern is available in English and Dutch languages. Crochet terminology: US.

Pattern regular price of $5.49 is reduced to $4.39 throughout the MAL duration June 9th - July 27st, 2021.

(20% off, no code is needed, VAT applies).

Feel free to follow my affiliated yarn links to buy yarn from Wool Warehouse in UK or Caro's Atelier in the Netherlands. I receive a small commission without any additional cost for you.

Affiliated yarn links (I receive a small commission from the seller at no additional cost to you):

You will probably agree with me that crochet projects take up a lot of room! Tell me about it, we just moved, and it seems that half of our moving container was taken up by my crochet! :))) Hello, North Carolina!


I am drawn to multi-functional things, so a cardigan/ sweater was meant to be one day!


I chose Cotton 8 yarn for my project because it's an awesome pre-shrinked yarn in beautiful vibrant colors that works perfectly for Boho Chic style. When testers and I brain-stormed on their color combinations, somehow more and more yarn came up in the conversation. I am pretty sure each one of us has a favorite Scheepjes yarn, so I hope yours or yours-to-be is one of the yarn options for this design!

And looking ahead, multi-functionality doesn't end here! Did my breaks wear out? I have another project for you using the same stitches and techniques that will be revealed at the end of the MAL! Wink wink! :)

Let's talk yarn now!

We tested this garment with 4 different Scheepjes yarns:

  • Whirl and Whirlette,

  • Cotton 8,

  • Our Tribe,

  • Bamboo Soft.

  • Feel free to use Sunkissed or Organicon yarn instead of Cotton 8 and Invicta yarn instead of Our Tribe.

This pattern is available as one size fits most. Due to the convertible nature of the pattern and a motif border it is not possible to resize. However, the yarn creates variation in the finished measurements.

Yarn recommendations for different sizes:

  • Sizes S-L. Use Whirl or Whirlette yarn with 2.5-2.75mm hook (finished garment circumference is 126cm/ 49 5/8'').

  • Sizes L-XL. Use Cotton 8 or Our Tribe yarn with 2.75 mm hook (132cm/ 52''),

  • Sizes 2X-3X. Use Bamboo Soft yarn with 2.75 mm hook or Cotton 8/ Out Tribe yarn with bigger hook (138cm/ 54 3/8'').

Cotton 8 yarn Prototype

(swipe through gallery images)

Featured model is size M/ 90cm / 35 ½'' bust, 95cm / 37 3/8'' hips, 168cm / 5' 6'' height and wears size 132cm/ 52''.

Colors used for the prototype:

801g in total:

  • 722/Ochre: 17g/ 1 skein/ 64yds,

  • 671/Rust: 60g/ 2 skeins/ 224yds,

  • 423/SeaGreen: 389g/ 8 skeins/ 1447yds,

  • 720/Fuchsia: 335g/ 7 skeins/ 1246yds.

Testers Projects

(swipe through gallery images)

Colors used by pattern testers:

Yannic Helsen:

  • Whirlette in 856/ Mint, 862/ Grapefruit, 885/ Plum, and 872/ Sugar.

Karin Terpstra:

  • Whirlette in 868/ Bilberry, 894/ Cashew, 860/ Ice, and 869/ Lucious.

  • Whirl in 755/ Blueberry BamBam.

  • Start both block stitch body halves from the middle of Whirl cake for one sleeve cuff to another (cardigan) and from front bottom to back bottom (pullover) color transition.


Taylor O'Shea:

  • Our Tribe in 983/ Motivate, 883/ Lavender Smoke, and 877/ Raspberry Radiance.

Melissa Kuchlenz:

  • Bamboo Soft in 265/ Rich Cream, 264/ Antique Silver, 255/ Celestial Blue, 260/ Golden Nugget.

See full yarn information from all testers here


Get inspired by possible color combination of 4 different yarns!


(swipe through gallery images)


(swipe through gallery images)


(swipe through gallery images)


(swipe through gallery images)

It's not an easy task to choose a few colors that go well together! If you checked out all combos, but have a different layout in mind, I am offering to make color templates for 10 people in each Scheepjes group! Leave a comment under my post in one of the groups on June 9th, 2020 and be among first 10! ! I can't wait to turn you idea into an image!

Next post is coming on June 30.

We will start making motifs and joining them as we go!

Until then, let's stay in touch via Scheepjes Facebook groups.



I noticed that some of you were drawing motifs,

so here is a useful tool for you:

Motif coloring template

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