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Week 2: Your progress. Block Stitch.

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  • Week 2 (July 7th)


This MAL is hosted by Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep.

Pattern is available in English and Dutch languages. 

Pattern regular price of $5.49 is reduced to $4.39 throughout the MAL duration June 9th - July 27th, 2021.

(20% off, no code is needed, VAT applies):

Affiliated yarn links (I receive a small commission from the seller at no additional cost to you):

Today we will crack block stitch code and admire each other's progress!

Block stitch body:

Block stitch body is started from the side of 9 middle motifs of 11-motif stripe, but make sure to complete following steps first (pay extra attention to point 4):

  1. Watch following video and check out step pictures (also in the pattern).

  2. Check the gauge: start block stitch along the side of at least 2 motifs and work for at least 10 rows (5 rows of blocks). 15 blocks should be equal in width to 2 motifs. Make adjustments if needed by using a different size hook. It's very important to make sure that 7.5 blocks are equal to 1 motif in width.

  3. After working out block stitch gauge, start body from the side of 9 middle motifs (skip Motifs 1 and 11).

  4. After making 33 (16 rows of blocks) and before narrowing your piece to 45 blocks, make sure that the height of 16 rows of blocks is equal to 2 motifs width (measure height in the middle of block stitch piece rather than at its side for accuracy). It might be a good idea to block the whole piece at this point. Make adjustments if needed by adding or eliminating rows. After finishing block stitch body, 2 motifs will be joined as you go to the side of first 33 or your custom number of rows.


Rows 1, 2 highlights:


  • Right side (RS). Finish Row 1 with ch 2 and place marker in the last loop to keep stitch open.

  • (RS). After finishing Row 2, draw last loop of Row 1 through last loop of Row 2 (images 1-2). Do not fasten off C.

  • Wrong side (WS). To start Row 3, turn, make first sc in space between ch-2 and last dc of Row 2 (image 3).

Extended single crochet (esc):


  • This stitch is used in Row 3. While designing the garment, I tried regular single crochet and half double crochet, but extended single crochet gave the best result making the fabric not too dense and not too much see-through.

  • Extended sc requires one extra step: yarn over, draw yarn through only one loop on hook, finish like regular single crochet.

  • Watch video below to learn esc (time mark 2:23, and other extended stitches).

Row 3, 4 highlights:


  • (WS). Finish Row 3 with chain 2 and place marker in the loop to keep stitch open (image 1).

  • To start Row 4, go back to the end of Row 2 (RS). Insert hook in first sc of Row 3, pick up YarnC (image 2) and draw it through sc, turn and make Row 4 (image 3). Finish row the same way you finished Row 2.

Altering pattern to a cardigan or a pullover only with narrower sleeves:

I personally love the kimono style sleeves. There is something graceful about them: you can't really do any job if you have such sleeves, do you? :)) You chin goes up, your spine goes straight, you become a subject for admiration!
But if you are ok with only a cardigan or only a pullover (not a cardigan/ pullover), you can alter the sleeve width if you wish. See schematic below:

Your progress:

It is such a pleasure to see all your work in progress in so many beautiful color combinations!

My apologies if I missed some WIPs. Give me a kick and it will appear here. Some of the motifs are also in the video from the first week below.

If some of you still have a problem choosing colors, feel free to contact me. I can help calculating the right amount of yarn.

And here is the video with your motifs I posted at the beginning of MAL:

Next post is coming on July 14th.

We will be joining motifs to the last row and side of block stitch and learn how to join two halves into a cardigan or a sweater.

Until then, I will stay in touch via Scheepjes Facebook groups.



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