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Enclosing non-working yarn in front post stitches:

Meadow Bag crochet pattern Make Along

WEEK 1: Make bottom, start bag body, learn color-work!


(from May 11th):

  • Information about the pattern.

  • Choosing color combo - pictures, coloring template.

Pre - post

(from May 13th):

  • Embossed crochet stitches - video.

  • New abbreviations and symbols - picture.

  • Front Post / Back Post double crochet swatch - video.

Week 2 post

(from May 27th):

  • Spiral cord strap - video, step-by-step pictures.

  • Alternative slip stitch strap - videos, instructions.

  • Lining, fastening options.

Final post

(from June 3rd):

  • What is next. Newembossed crochet projects at Outstanding Crochet.

Hey everybody!

Allow me to remind you that this MAL is hosted by Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep. Hurry up to join if you haven't already! This pattern is available in English (American crochet terminology) and Dutch languages. Pattern with 20% discount (4.39 USD after the discount) is available at my Ravelry store and Etsy store throughout the MAL duration from May 11th to June 8th, No code needed.


I will be giving all explanations in American crochet terminology.

You can start bag bottom with a chain foundation, but I highly recommend a foundation cord. It's especially useful to start bag bottoms, where first round is made around a foundation. I bet that once you learn this technique, you will never go back to chain foundation for any project!

It's more stretchable and better looking. The trick is to start with a tail about 3 times length of a desired foundation length.

Videos for foundation cord:

Bottom is consisted out of 3 FPdc/F rounds. You will find a link for the bottom video on page 4 of the pattern, and bottom chart on page 5. The bottom chart is made with traditional symbols and abbreviations because it's not too big. Rounds 4 and 5 on Chart 1 do not include any increases and are first 2 plain (without color work) body rounds, consisted out of BPdc/B.

Meadow Bag crochet pattern. Bottom view.

Video for starting Rounds 4 and 5:

Video for Round 6:

Starting embossed elements:

A lot of material to study on that subject. I tried my best to explain it in every possible way. I am sure videos will be most helpful. The main thing is to start and get used to switching between working ends. All links and general rules can be found on pages 5 and 6. Step-by-step pictures are at the end of the file, starting on page 14. Remember to stretch your work width-wise before switching to another color, so fabric won't get contracted by strands of non-working end. Each round starts with ch-2 which counts as single B, B as a part of B2i or B as a part of B2t. Count stitches in all sections, so you don't end up lacking a stitch or having too many after a few rounds and have to frog. It happens to all of us including me. So I can't stress it enough: count stitches :)

Switch to next color while finishing previous stitch: make last yo/yoh with next color:

Embossed crochet: switching color for the next stitch

But don't switch to next color if next stitch is at the tip of embossed element (leaf tip, bobble):

Embossed crochet: switching color for the ext stitch

Non-working end is enclosed in BPdc/B:

Embossed crochet: switching color for the ext stitch

Wrong side:

Meadow Bag crochet pattern: wrong side.

There are only 4 rounds with bobbles. No need to carry third color through other rounds. Join Color 3 for each bobble round and cut if off at the end.

8 treble crochet cluster tutoroial

Video on keeping working ends separate and midribs pulling up issue:

Video for Back Post double crochet increase. Easy way to make it:

Next post is coming on May 27th.

Until then, I will stay in touch via Scheepjes Facebook groups.



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