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MAL announcement: get inspired, get excited, choose colors!

Pre-MAL post

(May 13th):

  • Getting familiar with front post, back post stitches - video.

  • Making a swatch - video.

Week 1 post

(from May 20th):

  • Foundation cord, bag bottom - video.

  • Bag body. Switch between colors - video, step-by-step pictures.

  • Enclosing non-working end in embossed crochet stitches - video, step-by-step pictures.

Week 2 post

(from May 27th):

  • Spiral cord strap - video, step-by-step pictures.

  • Alternative slip stitch strap - videos, instructions.

  • Lining, fastening options.

Final post

(from June 3rd):

  • What is next. Newembossed crochet projects at Outstanding Crochet.

Hey everybody! My name is Natalia. It's nice to e-meet you and welcome to Meadow Bag MAKE ALONG!

I am excited to introduce you to multi-color embossed crochet, and a bit worried because it's my first make along event! It's great to have this experience in the company of amazing people behind Scheepjes and their yarn fans! This MAL is hosted by Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep. Hurry up to join and lets start! This pattern is available in English (American crochet terminology) and Dutch languages. Pattern with 20% discount (4.39 USD after the discount) is available at my Ravelry store and Etsy store throughout the MAL duration from May 11th to June 8th, No code needed.


Skill level:

I hate to tell anybody that they have to be a certain skill level to make something. When I fail to finish, I still learn something new, so it's not a failing after all. Thus forget about the skill level and always dare. About this pattern: it's a combination of front post and back post double crochet/treble crochet (in American/British crochet terminology), and their increasing, decreasing variations. You can make this pattern in one color, and it will look beautiful. A bit of learning curve is required if you choose 2 or 3 colors, You will have to enclose non-working yarn end in your stitches, It takes some time to get used to, and it slightly slows you down, but the result is worth the effort.

I have written instructions, charts, multiple videos, and step pictures to help you out.

Swipe though photo-galleries below to start creative juices flowing.

Pictures of Meadow Bags made by customers:

Color combinations requested by you in the group

turn on gallery):


  • Sheepjes Catona Yarn (100% Mercerized Cotton, Fingering weight, 50 g / 1.7 oz /125 m / 136.7 yds), 215g / 588 yds in 526 Ashes (background), 85 g / 233 yds in 395 Willow (embossed leaves), 10 g / 28 yds in 249 Saffron (bobbles) colors.

  • Crochet hook C-2 / 2.75 mm, tapestry needle, hand-sewing needle, background matching color sewing thread.

  • About 4 x 65 cm / 1 ½'' x 25 ½'' of buckram / other stiff interfacing for upper band.

  • Optional: 4 cm / 1 ½'' in diameter or smaller 2 D-rings for attaching a strap.

  • Optional for lining (measure completed bag before buying supplies): about 30 cm / 12'' of cotton fabric; 30 cm / 12'' or bag width zipper (not visible; can replace zipper by magnet clasp), sewing machine.

Choose colors:

First option is to make it in one color. Check out embossed crochet Spica and Climbing Vine bags made with one color.

Want more fun? Choose a color combo from rather an extensive palette of Scheepjes Catona Yarn!

To buy this yarn in your area, check out:

List of stores that carry Scheepjes yarn,

Or opt for on-line retailers. A few examples:

Wool Warehouse (United Kingdom)


The Yarn Attic (United States)

WEBBS (United States) (Canada)

Proklubochki (Russia)

Prototype colors:

Get inspired by a few possible color combinations

(turn on gallery):


Still not sure? Download a coloring page with 6 templates, print, and de-stress by coloring! The right color combo will hit you in the middle of the night :)

Next post is coming on May 13th.

Until then, I will stay in touch via Scheepjes Facebook groups.



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