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Spiral cord strap:

There is a video link and step-by-step pictures  in the pattern, but you can also download PDF file right here, at, or watch Youtube video right now.

This part has a tricky start, but  becomes an easy and enjoyable process after a few rows. Stretch finished strap to its full capacity to measure the length before fastening off. If you like to wear bags cross-body, make the strap a bit longer. It might be helpful to measure straps of the bags you already have to figure out the desired length.

Meadow Bag embossed crochet pattern Make Along


Week 2: Finishing bag body, strap, lining.


(from May 11th):

  • Information about the pattern.

  • Choosing color combo - pictures, coloring template.

Pre - post

(from May 13th):

  • Embossed crochet stitches - video.

  • New abbreviations and symbols - picture.

  • Front Post / Back Post double crochet swatch - video.

Week 1 post

(from May 20th):

  • Foundation cord, bag bottom - video.

  • Bag body. Switch between colors - video, step-by-step pictures.

  • Enclosing non-working end in embossed crochet stitches - video, step-by-step pictures.

Final post

(from June 3rd):

  • What is next. Newembossed crochet projects at Outstanding Crochet.

Hey everybody!

Allow me to remind you that this MAL is hosted by Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep. This pattern is available in English (American crochet terminology) and Dutch languages. Pattern with 20% discount (4.39 USD after the discount) is available at my Ravelry store and Etsy store throughout the MAL duration from May 11th to June 8th, No code needed.

Finishing bag body (cheating is allowed):

I will be giving all explanations in American crochet terminology.

I know that only a few of you finished crocheting the bag. Some people are still waiting for their yarn to arrive! Don't get stressed over it. There are no time requirements. Go with your own pace and enjoy the process, or try to :))).  However, it's the second, and last week of this MAL, and I have to talk about finishing the bag. Last steps of the bag body are front post stitch upper band, and back loop single crochet stitch upper band backing, which is lined with a stiff interfacing (please, do not skip this step), and folded in.

The prototype is finished with a spiral cord strap, attached to the bag via D-rings, fabric lining, and a zipper. If you are not on a short leg with a sewing machine, feel free to skip the lining, and be proud to show the pretty wrong side. You can also stitch the strap directly to the bag without D-rings, and replace a zipper with a magnet clasp.

Alternative slip stitch strap:

The spiral cord strap pairs very well with smaller bags. Another option is a slip stitch strap.

I suggest to make a swatch, and calculate a custom length. Don't forget to stretch your swatch length-wise before measuring.

For a strap attached directly to the bag (via D-rings):

Row 1: leave 30cm tail for a seam. With 3.25 mm hook, ch 220 (240), ch 1 (doesn’t count as stitch), back loop slip stitch (BLss) in 2nd ch from hook, BLss in each of rem 219 (239) ch, turn.

Rows 2 - 18 or to desired width: ch 1 (doesn’t count as st), 220 (240) BLss, turn. Fasten off, leaving 30cm end for a seam.

Check out a couple of videos for slip stitch rib (also available on Tutorials page):


There is lining step-by-step photo-tutorial that starts on page 30. I am not an expert in sewing, so forgive my limited skills :). I did my best to figure this part out. I bet there are better ways to make lining, so if you have some ideas, please, share with the groups!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people and for this unique experience!

Matching Meadow Bag Clutch and Coin Purse Pattern:

While watching your Meadow Bag beauties emerging every day, I got inspired to design a clutch and a coin purse! So glad I had some Scheepjes Catona leftovers! Click on a link or pictures to access pattern page.

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