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Pre-MAL: get familiar with stitches, make a swatch!


(from May 11th):

  • Information about the pattern.

  • Choosing color combo - pictures, coloring template.

Week 1 post

(from May 20th):

  • Foundation cord, bag bottom - video.

  • Bag body. Switch between colors - video, step-by-step pictures.

  • Enclosing non-working end in embossed crochet stitches - video, step-by-step pictures.

Week 2 post

(from May 27th):

  • Spiral cord strap - video, step-by-step pictures.

  • Alternative slip stitch strap - videos, instructions.

  • Lining, fastening options.

Final post

(from June 3rd):

  • What is next. Newembossed crochet projects at Outstanding Crochet.

Hey everybody!

I hope some of you already have chosen colors and may be even ordered yarn. If not, I added more color combinations to Announcement post and to groups Meadow Bag photo-albums!

Allow me to remind you that this MAL is hosted by Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep. Hurry up to join if you haven't already! You are not required to buy a pattern to join the groups (I had a few questions regarding that). This pattern is available in English (American crochet terminology) and Dutch languages. Both files are included in your purchase. Pattern with 20% discount (4.39 USD after the discount) is available at  Ravelry and Etsy throughout the MAL duration from May 11th to June 8th, No code needed.

Embossed crochet stitches: front post and back post double crochet (FPdc and BPdc):

I will be giving all explanations in American crochet terminology.

There are not so many embossed crochet patterns out there, but the ones that require extensive written instructions usually don't have them at all. They might be limited by crochet charts only.

When I started to draw charts for my first embossed crochet pattern I realized I can't use regular graphic symbols for stitches. They made charts very confusing, and embossed elements were not standing out. The difference between front post and back post stitches are hooks at the base of each stitch turned to the opposite directions. I had to come up with the way to provide all information keeping it as simple as possible at the same time, Another challenge was to write row-by-row instructions. When I wrote instructions for Round 1 using regular abbreviations it became evident to me that nobody will be able to keep truck of a row with 20 BP/FP stitches in it. Leave alone 51 rows!

Here is what I am talking about:

Rnd 15: ch 2 (counts as BPdc), [*BPdc2inc, FPdc in FPdc, BPdc2tog (1st leg in 2 posts), 5 BPdc, FPdc2tog, FPdc2tog (2nd leg in 2 posts), FPdc, 4 BPdc, FPdc2inc, FPdc, BPdc2inc in hdc, FPdc in FPdc, BPdc2inc in hdc, FPdc, FPdc2inc, 4 BPdc, FPdc, FPdc2tog (1st leg in 2 posts), FPdc2tog, 5 BPdc, BPdc2tog (2nd leg in 2 posts), FPdc in FPdc, BPdc2inc, BPdc, FPdc in FPdc*, BPdc] 3 times, rep bet 's, sl st in 2nd ch of beg ch-2.

I got very bold :))) and replaced common abbreviations and symbols with simplified alternatives (written after slash in the chart key), and have been using this system ever since for all my embossed crochet patterns.

The same round with simplified abbreviation:

​​Rnd 15: ch 2 (counts as B), [*B2i, F in F, B2t (1st leg in 2 posts), 5 B, F2t, F2t (2nd leg in 2 posts), F, 4 B, F2i, F, B2i in hdc, F in F, B2i in hdc, F, F2i, 4 B, F, F2t (1st leg in 2 posts), F2t, 5 B, B2t (2nd leg in 2 posts), F in F, B2i, B, F in F*, B] 3 times, rep bet *'s, sl st in 2nd ch of beg ch-2.

There is a bit of a learning curve, but well worth the effort.

​Take a look at stitches in the chart key. Don't try to take it all in right away. They are pretty much self-explanatory. If you don't read crochet charts, give yourself a chance today, with this pattern. You might find it much easier to follow a chart rather than written instructions. Bold stitches are front post stitches, regular ones - back post.

To cover the basics:

Front post double crochet / FPdc = F

Back Post double crochet / BPdc = B


2 F in one stitch / FPdc2inc = F2i

2 B in one stitch / BPdc2inc = B2i


2 F together / FPdc2tog = F2t

2 B together / BPdc2tog = B2t



Chart key:

Embossed crochet chart symbols

Now, with abbreviations and symbols being covered, get familiar with embossed crochet stitches by watching the following video:

Gauge / tension:

Gauge/tension is not critical for a bag pattern, but if you want to practice embossed stitches, feel free to make a swatch.

Row 1: ch 27, ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in 5th ch from hook, dc in each of rem 25 ch.

Row 2: ch 2 (counts as 1st BPdc/B), turn, B in each dc from pr (except 1st), B in post of ch-3 – 27 sts.

Row 3: ch 2 (counts as 1st FPdc/F), turn, F in each st from prev row (except 1st), F in post of ch-2.

Rows 3 – 16: rep Rows 2, 3.

23 sts x 15 rows approx = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4''.

Watch video for a foundation cord (with Meadow Bag demonstration), and a swatch:


Next post is coming on May 20.

Until then, I will stay in touch via Scheepjes Facebook groups.



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