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Corfu Bag crochet pattern


It's a little bit sad, because this event was my first MAL, and it gave me a lot of joy! But it's ok, because the crochet party never ends! Thank you for this experience, for your feedback and great suggestions! I gained a lot of much needed confidence during this time together!

I know most of you haven't finished the Meadow Bag, some are just starting. This MAL ends today, but don't worry, I am sticking around, and you can count on my help in the groups: Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep.

I would love to pin your Meadow Bag pictures to my Pinterest Customers Pride Board or add them to finished bags collection on the  pattern page! Consider to send them to! Also, link them to Outstanding Crochet on Instagram and to  Embossed Meadow Bag pattern on Ravelry!

If you got Embossed bug, check out my embossed crochet patterns page. More is coming!

My next pattern to be published soon is Corfu Bag!

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Go to the Corfu Bag pattern page to find out how much Scheepjes Catona yarn you will need :)

This pattern was inspired by Luisa's basket bag from TV series Durrels in Corfu. The inspiration piece and my bag share very little, but that's how the inspiration works: it just fires up some connections in your brain. Kim Miles on Facebook watched the series after I mentioned my inspirational experienced :))) She told me it's in Season 2, Episode 2, 21:35! I haven't checked, but I believe she is right on spot with it! Thank you, Kim!

Meadow Bag got a family: clutch and coin purse!

Pattern for two smaller ones will be available in English for $1.50 to previous Meadow Bag buyers from June 3rd to June 10th, 2020. 

Those who previously bought Meadow Bag pattern will receive a personal notification with a discount code on Ravelry or Etsy once Clutch and Coin Purse pattern is published.

Meadow Bag pattern is still on sale until June 8th!

Spica and Climbing Vine Bag patterns:

If you want to take a break from multi-color crochet, take a look at the bag patterns made with Scheepjes Linen Soft. They also include multi-color versions, and lining instructions. Click on pictures or links to access these patterns.

Climbing Vine Hat pattern multi-color update,

Ivy Scarf / Cowl pattern:

Both are made with Scheepjes Metopolis yarn. Climbing Vine Hat pattern will be updated with multi-color instructions soon. You can have a break from bags dense texture with these patterns. With fine yarn and bigger hook, they are easy on your hands!

Unlike all my bags and the hat, Ivy Scarf / Cowl is made by rows, with ivy climbing in opposite ways, but worked in one direction. A new technique to learn: embossed crochet by rows.

4 in 1 Crystal Cardigan crochet pattern:

Embossed crochet isn't just for bags and hats! Another pattern that might draw your attention is Crystal Cardigan made with Scheepjes Organicon yarn. Nothing can beat those dreamy colors! Crystal Cardigan can be worn in 4 ways! It's reversible and can be worn bottom up! Go to the pattern page or press show more to see more pictures.

Embossed crochet pattern WIP with Scheepjes Stardust:

This cardigan is coming later by 2020 fall! Stay informed by signing for my newsletter! Signing up form is at the top of every page.

Scheepjes Whirl yarn:

My first project with Whirl: planned as a dress, but can turn into something else in the process! :)! Stay tuned via Instagram for every day sneak peeks!

Embossed crochet patterns

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