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Week 4: . FREE add-on to the Serenum pattern for MAL participants!

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  • Week 4 (July 21st)

This MAL is hosted by Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep.

Pattern is available in English and Dutch languages. 

Pattern regular price of $5.49 is reduced to $4.39 throughout the MAL duration June 9th - July 27th, 2021.

(20% off, no code is needed, VAT applies):

Affiliated yarn links (I receive a small commission from the seller at no additional cost to you):

Serenum throw pillow pattern:

This is a final week of the Serenum MAKE ALONG. It's been a joyful time! Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

Thank you, Scheepjes team, for your hard work, beautiful yarn, and for allowing me to have this incredible audience!

Special shout out to Scheepjes Facebook groups administrators and mods for being who you are: a funny, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with bunch of great people!

Now let's see what this week brings: an add-on FREE pattern for a pillow, and at the end I want to share what has been on my hook and new patterns to watch for.

You've been working hard since the beginning, so let's relax a bit and have ... a pillow fight!

The pattern tester Linda Toering is starting!

Linda is throwing a bolster pillow she made with Scheepjes Catona:

Isn't it a great way to use all those left-overs? I am a big fan of body pillows and totally see myself hugging a 6-7 motif-long one in my sleep! :)))

The sides are finished with block stitch sections which are gathered together in a candy wrap style! Easy to do, and such an eye candy!

Serenum Crochet Cushion by Linda Toering

My turn!

It's a classic throw pillow, made out of 2 identical pieces bordered with chain edging, and joined by laces, just like the Serenum cardigan/ sweater. It makes it easy to remove for washing!

I want to thank you again for your interest in my work, and share an ADD-ON Serenum Pillow Pattern for FREE today!

Everybody else can buy a full version.

Serenum Pillow Crochet Pattern

FREE Add-On for Serenum MAL participants

or $4.04 USD for full instructions

English only

Serenum Pillow consists of 2 identical parts. Working on each includes making a motif border and a block stitch square, then joining the square to the border as you go in the last round.

Finish each half with chain edging for inserting laces, and make 4 laces to join two pieces together.

The pillow insert should be close in color to YarnD (used for the last few rounds of the motif).

Video for the block stitch square:

It's you turn :)) and I can't wait to see more pillows flying! :))

Finished Serenum cardigans/ pullovers:

We already have a few Serenums finished in the group!

Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration!

I added more WIP pictures to Week 3 post collage. Check it out.

Coming next:

I want to wrap this post by sharing what's on my hook these days.

I learned mosaic crochet technique this year, and got a little bit obsessed with it :))

My first mosaic crochet pattern was Lili Backpack.

Yarn: Scheepjes Whirl/ Whirlette.

Languages: English and Dutch.

See it on the pattern page in different color combination made by customers.

I am about to publish another mosaic crochet pattern: Tulip Pullover.

Yarn: Scheepjes Whirl, Whirlette.

Short and long sleeve version.

Languages: English and Dutch.

Sign up for my newsletter at the top of this page to receive a notification when the pattern is published (any day now), for a GIVE AWAY and for 20% off.

Thank you for participating! I can't wait to see all your finished Serenums!

I will collect and post your pictures on the pattern page (a few you saw today is already there :).


Natalia Kononova

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