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Week 1: Motif. Joining motifs as you go.

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  • Week 1 (June 30th)


This MAL is hosted by Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep.

Pattern is available in English and Dutch languages. 

Pattern regular price of $5.49 is reduced to $4.39 throughout the MAL duration June 9th - July 27th, 2021.

(20% off, no code is needed, VAT applies):

Affiliated yarn links (I receive a small commission from the seller at no additional cost to you):

I hope you all got your yarn packages on time for the beginning of the MAL! If not, don't worry, you can start any time!

Serenum garment is made out of 2 identical parts, which are joined into a sweater or a cardigan using laces. See Schematic 1 and 2 in the pattern.

We will start with motifs for the first half, joining them into 1-motif wide and 11-motif long stripe as we go.

Motif 1:

  • Follow charts or written instructions.

  • Check out a few tips and tricks in today's post and a video (also in the pattern):

Magic loop vs chain ring:


You can start a motif with a magic loop or a chain ring. I always start with a chain ring for the following reasons:

  • I want my starting ring to be exactly the size I intend it to be and never change.

  • Magic loops fall apart sometimes.

  • Allows to skip weaving in beginning tail.

How to skip weaving in beginning tail:

  • Ch 5 and join into a ring with slip stitch in the first chain.

  • Make a loop out of beginning tail, align it with the chain ring, and work your first round in both (image 1).

  • After a few stitches into the ring, pull beginning tail to make the loop the same size as the chain ring (images 2-3), finish first round, cut remaining tail.

  • Do not use this technique if you started with a magic loop or working with slippery acrylic yarn.

First chain of each round:


  • New round usually starts with a few chain stitches that count as a stitch: chain 1 counts as single crochet, ch 2 as half double crochet, ch 3 as double crochet.

  • When you start a round with a new color, first chain might stretch too much before you weave the tail in. To avoid that, make first chain with both: working end and beginning tail, then drop the tail after the first chain and continue with working end only.

General video for making chain-less first double crochet in round or row:

Round 4:


Round 4 is made with the same color as Round 2. We did not fasten off YarnB after Round 2.

  • When you start Round 4 (image 1), you will be leaving a strand on WS between Rounds 2 and 4 (image 2). Make sure it's not too loose or too tight.

  • Before making last slip stitch of Round 4, make sure C-working end remains on RS (image 3).


On Week 3, following one of the group member's question, I made a video for Round 4. It shows a different way to start this round to avoid Yarn C working end peeking on RS. Feel free to implement it in your routine:

​What if you are about to start Rnd 6 and you realize Yarn C working end is on wrong side (WS) instead of right side (RS)? I made that mistake more than once, and it's easy to fix. Watch following video now, or come back when you make that mistake and have an "aha" moment: "That's what she was talking about!" Yep! :)))

Round 6. Overlay net:


  • Make single crochet in 2 loops of first chain from chain-3 space from Round 4 (circled black).

  • Make slip stitch in clusters of Round 3 (circled white).

  • This way, chain 3 spaces of Round 6 align with clusters from both rounds perfectly.


Round 8. Making stitches in single crochet at the top of clusters:


  • Single crochet and double crochet stitches of Round 8 are made in back post of single crochet stitches of Round 7. That gives overlay net made with YarnC a nice finish.


Round 10. Make invisible join in last round of the motif:


  • Not only it will look awesome, but also will allow you join another motif to that side flawlessly. And you bet I have a video:


Joining motifs as you go:

  • Finish Motif 1.

  • Make Motif 2 up to the 3rd corner ch-2 space of Round 10. 

  • Watch following video from the beginning to 2:18 time mark.

  • Join corner chain space of Motif 2 to the adjoining space of Motif 1, make and  join every stitch of Motif 2 side to the back loop of adjoining stitch from Motif 1. Finish by joining Motif 2 ch-2 space at the end of current side to Motif 1 ch-2 space. Finish remaining side of Motif 2.

  • Repeat steps joining motifs into 1-motif wide and 11-motifs long stripe.

Next post is coming on July 7th.

I am itching to showcase your WIPs and we will start block stitch body!

Don't hesitate to shoot your questions in the groups!



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