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Week 3: Joining motifs to block stitch last row and side. Assembly.

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  • Week 3 (July 14)


This MAL is hosted by Official Scheepjes-International Facebook Group and Scheepjes Nederlandse Groep.

Pattern is available in English and Dutch languages. 

Pattern regular price of $5.49 is reduced to $4.39 throughout the MAL duration June 9th - July 27th, 2021.

(20% off, no code is needed, VAT applies):

Affiliated yarn links (I receive a small commission from the seller at no additional cost to you):

Elegant Serenum.

I want to show you an example of wearing Serenum cardigan and sweater elegantly. It's time to dig up some belts from your wardrobe! In my case, the belt buckle was too much for the busy cardigan, so I moved it to the back. And it's absolutely appropriate: fashion allows far crazier things nova days. Since Serenum has a very distinguished bohemian look, I decided to pair it with platform pumps rather than regular high hill pumps.

Experiment with what you have. What can be more inspiring to finish your project faster than the desire to try new looks?

Motif additional video:

Somebody in the group asked for help with Round 4. When Yarn C is joined again in Round 4, it can show on the left side of the first cluster from Round 3. If it's a very contrast color, it can stand out and become troublesome.

I made a video for Round 4 on how to avoid this problem and start Round 4 differently. I also showed how to start that round with double crochet instead of chain 3.

I realize that this video came a little bit late for many of you to implement in the motifs, but neither testers nor I experienced that issue, so I hope it will be useful for those who are just starting or for the future projects of those who already made a lot of motifs. This video is also added to Week 1 blog post.

General video for making chain-less first double crochet in round or row:

Joining motifs 12-15 to the side of block stitch:


After making 33 rows of block stitch (16 rows of blocks), and making sure that the height of 16 blocks is equal to 2 motifs width (measure in the middle of the block stitch body rather than at the side for accuracy), narrow your piece to 45 blocks and proceed for 24 more rows.

Motifs 12-15 are joined a you go to the block stitch side and other motifs while making last round. Follow schematic in the pattern. Making joining in the post of single crochet allows to overlap and cover uneven block stitch edge. Watch following video.

Plus sizes note:

There is a couple of people who asked about making a bigger size. It's possible, but only if opting for either a cardigan or a sweater.

For a cardigan, I suggest to make 12-motif stripe (instead of 11), start the block stitch body from 10 middle motifs, and work for 49 rows (instead of 33), which should be equal in height to 3 motifs width. After that, narrow your block stitch piece to 30 blocks (instead of 45), and work for 8 more rows (4 blocks) or more if you want longer sleeves.

The body will be 8 motifs wide (instead of 6). You will have to join 3 motifs (instead of 2) to each side of the block stitch body. Your sleeve will be 4 motifs wide, so you will have to join 4 motifs to the last row of block stitch. You will need 1 additional skein for each: Yarn C and D. Feel free to ask me more questions.

Joining motifs 16-21 to the last row of block stitch:


Watch following video from 2:18 time mark to see how to join Motifs 16-21 to the last row of block stitch. This part creates a sweater hem or a cardigan sleeve cuff.

Edging, assembly:

Chain edging is needed for inserting laces to assemble 2 parts into a cardigan or a sweater. Watch following video on how to do it fast and effective:


I keep collecting your WIP images! Keep posting, please!

We all need this color therapy! It's a total smile generator!

Thank you for participating in the MAL!

Next post is coming on July 21st.

I have a little surprise for you: you will see what else can be made with the stitches your learned during this MAL.

I will share what's on my hook these days and what's coming next.



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