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Serenum Cardigan/ Sweater crochet pattern testing projects:


  • Please note, that Yarn (A, B, C, D) indicate colors for the original layout in the pattern (used for the Cotton 8 prototype), but testers used yarn differently. For example, Yannic used Whirlette Plum as Yarn C in the motif and as Yarn D in the body. For that reason testers' yarn usage is different from the given in the Materials section of the pattern.

  • If you want to use custom layout, refer to the Materials section, last paragraph "Yarn in meters/ yards for different parts". Choose color for each part, summarize amount for each color in meters/yards, and calculate how many skeins of each color you need.

    • For example, you need 747yds of Whirlette Plum color.

    • Divide 747yds by amount of yards in 1 Whirlette skein (497.6yds): 747/ 497.6 = 1.5 skeins. Round it up to 2 skeins.

Yannic Helsen:

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Scheepjes Whirlette (60% Cotton x 40% Acrylic, 100g/ 455m/ 497.6yds).

578g in total (size 126cm/ 49 5/8'').

Tester's yarn usage is different from the pattern layout.

  • 856/Mint: 25g/ 1 skein/ 125yds,

  • 862/Grapefruit: 51g/ 1 skein/ 254yds,

  • 872/Sugar: 352g/ 4 skeins/ 1752yds,

  • 885/Plum: 150g/ 2 skeins/ 747yds.

Whirlette for different parts:


  • YarnA: 24g in Mint (Rnd 1),

  • YarnB: 51g in Grapefruit (Rnds 2, 4),

  • YarnC: 64g in Plum (Rnds 3, 6, 7),

  • YarnD: 148g in Sugar (Rnds 5, 8-10).


  • YarnC: 205g in Sugar (blocks), YarnD: 70g in Plum (dots).

Edging: YarnC: 9g in Plum.

Laces: YarnC: 7g in Plum.


Taylor O'Shea:

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Scheepjes Our Tribe (70% Wool x 30% Polyamide, 100g/ 420m/ 459.3yds).

790g in total (size 138cm/ 54 7/8'').

Tester's yarn usage is different from the pattern layout.

  • 983/Motivate: 66g/ 1 skein/ 299yds,

  • 883/LavenderSmoke: 324g/ 4 skeins/ 1488yds,

  • 877/RaspberryRadiance: 400g/ 4 skeins/ 1837yds.

Our Tribe for different parts:


  • YarnA: 16g in Motivate (Rnd 1),

  • YarnB: 50g in Motivate (Rnds 2, 4),

  • YarnC: 75g in LavenderSmoke (Rnds 3, 6, 7),

  • YarnD: 275g in RaspberryRadiance (Rnds 5, 8-10).


  • YarnC: 249g in LavenderSmoke (blocks), YarnD: 101g in RaspberryRadiance (dots).

Edging: YarnC: 14g in RaspberryRadiance.

Laces: YarnC: 10g in RaspberryRadiance.


Karin Terpstra:

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Scheepjes Whirl (60% Cotton x 40% Acrylic, 215g/ 1000m/ 1093.6yds) and Scheepjes Whirlette (60% Cotton x 40% Acrylic, 100g/ 455m/ 497.6yds).

583g in total (size 126cm/ 49 5/8'').

Tester's yarn usage is different from the pattern layout.

  • Whirlette 868/Bilberry: 96g/ 1 skein/ 478yds,

  • Whirlette 894/Cashew: 44g/ 1 skein/ 219yds,

  • Whirlette 860/Ice: 63g/ 1 skein/ 314yds,

  • Whirlette 869/Lucious: 183g/ 2 skeins/ 911yds,

  • Whirl 755/BlueberryBamBam: 197g/ 1 skein/ 981yds.

  • Start both block stitch body halves from the middle of Whirl cake for one sleeve cuff to another (cardigan) and from front bottom to back bottom (pullover) color transition.


Whirlette and Whirl for different parts:


  • YarnA : 13g in Bilberry (Rnd 1),

  • YarnB: 44g in Cashew (Rnds 2, 4),

  • YarnC: 63g in Ice (Rnds 3, 6, 7),

  • YarnD: 183g in Lucious (Rnds 5, 8-10).


  • YarnC: 197g in Blueberry BamBam (blocks), YarnD: 67g in Bilberry (dots).

Edging: YarnC: 9g in Bilberry.

Laces: YarnC: 7g in Bilberry.


Melissa Kuchlenz:

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  • Scheepjes Bamboo Soft (50% Bamboo x 50% Cotton, 50g/ 150m/ 164yds). Based on swatches, no finished garment pictures.

911g in total (size 138cm/ 54 3/8'').

  • 260/ Golden Nugget: 20g/ 1 skein/ 64yds,

  • 253/ Blue Opal: 69g/ 2 skeins/ 224yds,

  • 265/ Rich Cream: 442g/ 9 skeins/ 1447yds,

  • 263/ Smoky Diamond: 380g/ 8 skeins/ 1246yds.

Bamboo Soft for different parts:


  • YarnA: 20g in 260/ Golden Nugget (Rnd 1),

  • YarnB: 68g in 253/ Blue Opal (Rnds 2, 4),

  • YarnC: 96g in 265/ Rich Cream (Rnds 3, 6, 7),

  • YarnD: 278g in 263/ Smoky Diamond (Rnds 5, 8-10).


  • YarnC: 323g in 265/ Rich Cream (blocks), YarnD: 102g in 263/ Smoky Diamond (dots).

Edging: YarnC: 13g in 265/ Rich Cream.

Laces: YarnC: 11g in 265/ Rich Cream.


Natalia Kononova:

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Scheepjes Cotton 8 yarn *(100% cotton, fingering weight, 50g/ 170m/ 185.9yds). Prototype yarn. Makes size 132cm/ 52''.


800g in total:

  • YarnA/ 722/ Ochre: 17g/ 1 skein/ 64yds,

  • YarnB/ 671/ Rust: 60g/ 2 skeins/ 224yds,

  • YarnC/ 723/ SeaGreen: 388g/ 8 skeins/ 1447yds,

  • YarnD/ 720/ Fuchsia: 335g/ 7 skeins/ 1246yds.


Cotton 8 for different parts:


  • YarnA: 17g in 722/ Ochre (Rnd 1),

  • YarnB: 60g in671/ Rust (Rnds 2, 4),

  • YarnC: 84g in 723/ SeaGreen (Rnds 3, 6, 7),

  • YarnD: 245g in 720/ Fuchsia: (Rnds 5, 8-10).


  • YarnC: 285g in 723/ SeaGreen (blocks), YarnD: 90g in 720/ Fuchsia (dots).

Edging: YarnC: 12g in 723/ SeaGreen.

Laces: YarnC: 9g in 723/ SeaGreen..

Natalia Kononova, Joyce Richardson:

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Non-Scheepjes yarn

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