Celtic Bracelet and Necklace Set Crochet Pattern - $5.49 USD

Influenced by Celtic ornaments this set is an attention magnet. Fiber jewelry is soft unlike metal. 
Please, note: bracelet and necklace patterns are also available separately.


Crochet level: 

  • Intermediate


You should know how to crochet following stitches: 

  • ch (chain), sl st (slip stitch), sc (single crochet), hdc (half double crochet), dc (double crochet), 2 dc tog (2 double crochet together), 5 dc tog (5 double crochet together)


This pattern includes:

  • Written instructions

  • Very detailed step-by-step pictures

  • Charts

  • Instructions are given in English language, American terminology

  • If you are not familiar with crochet charts, you can follow step-by-step-pictures and written instructions, given under each image

  • Take a look at charts now and then and you might become a chart guru after all :)


Crochet hook: 

  • 1 mm


Recommended materials:

  • 20 g / 1 oz / 120 m / 132 yards of linen 3 ply yarn (YarnStories on Etsy, 3.4 oz / 100 g / 656 yards / 600 m) in 104 Natural color or cotton crochet thread size 10.

  • For the necklace: 28 (30, 32) round beads (size 4 mm), shown here – howlite dyed turquoise; add or eliminate 2 beads for every button if your size is not listed.

  • For the bracelet: 7 (8, 9) for size 6 ¼ ( 7 1/8, 8)'' / 16 (18.2, 20.4) cm 3/16'' (4 mm) round beads.

  • 2 bracelet toggle clasps 1/2'' (1.3 cm) size.

  • Sewing thread, tapestry needle, hand-sewing needle, optional - stitch marker.Matching yarn color.

Necklace size:

  • Necklace: 14 (15, 16) buttons and 1 toggle ring / 12 ½ (13 3/8, 14 ¼)'' / 31.8 (34, 36.2) cm long and 2 3/8'' (6 cm) wide, made with 1 mm hook. Take measurement at the base of neck. Later in the pattern sizes 31.8 (34, 36.2).

  • Each button adds about 7/8'' (2.2 cm) in length; add or eliminate buttons to make your own size if it's not listed. To check gauge make 2 buttons. There should be about 7/8'' (2.2 cm) bet centers.

Bracelet size:

  • 7 (8, 9) buttons / 16 (18.2, 20.4) cm / 6 ¼ (7 1/8, 8'') long and 2 3/8'' (6 cm) wide.

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Best wishes to you and Happy crocheting! 

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