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Week 2: Starting the body, switching between colors, enclosing non-working ends in stitches.

Week 1 post

(June 29th):

  • Getting familiar with front post, back post stitches.

  • Making a swatch.

  • Completing the bottom.

Week 2 post

(July 3rd):

  • Bag bottom, starting body. Special stitches: shallow BPdc, FPdc at the top of embossed element.

  • Switching between colors.

  • Enclosing non-working end in embossed crochet stitches.

Week 3 post

(July 13th):

  • Finishing bag body, upper edge backing.

Week 4

(July 20th):

  • Spiral cord straps, optional lining.

Corfu Bag Make Along event is hosted at Facebook  Outstanding Crochet and Friends group.

I added additional helpful videos to the ones you already have in the pattern file. Thanks to all Outstanding Crochet and Friends group members for inspiring extras!

This time around I decided that Make Along weekly pages will get updated as we go because everybody crochets at a different pace, so check out regularly!

Our finished Corfu Bags so far (more coming!) File name is author's name (contact me to include your picture):

Week 4 is about spiral cord handles and optional lining!

Free PDF for spiral cord (Corfu Bag handles step-by-step instructions are in the Corfu Bag pattern PDF):

Some of you struggle with the cord because it's tricky to start, but many, like Dalia Remeikyte, muscled through those first rounds to get to the easy part and enjoyed the process. A few people decided to strengthen handles with inner cord.

Using store-bought handles (Celia Mubanga Pires) or making a strap with a different stitch (Carola Vuori) are another great options. A few of you got creative by using a variety of color for handles.

Among the alternatives to the spiral cord my favorite is slip stitch strap:

Many thanks to Tina Bonham, a member of Outstanding Crochet and Friends Facebook group for making a

Spiral Cord video for left-handed people!

Jjoin this private group to watch it.

I love to see how you customize the pattern! We have a few warriors who were not afraid to use more than two colors! Laura Jones even battled her hook down in the process :))

Some creative souls went for multi-color yarn, Sheepjes Whirl (Debbie), or sparkling sequins yarn (Corinna Cortes)!

Straight "A" students (I am not one of them :)) lined their bags. Karin McKelvey used Scheepjes yarn gauze bag for the lining once again! She made the same type of lining for some of her previous bags.

I want to mention Barbara Dobrska whom amazing stitching has blown my mind. I haven't seen her first Corfu finished, but she's started another one with an oblong bottom this time!

Maria Vukolova contributed to the MAL a great deal with her own method for enclosing yarn in front post stitches. Check it out in Week 3 post.

Jan Cornelius came up with another very simple method for enclosing yarn in front post stitches to avoid ends twisting. She shared it with me, and I made a video, which can also be found in Week 3 post. Thank you so much for being proactive and sharing your ideas and knowledge with us!

Pintano Water Bottle Holder crochet pattern

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for your participation! I enjoy your company and can't believe how many people decided to join our group! These MAL posts will be edited further on with new members joining every day and new projects popping up!

I got carried along by the creative wave of all your projects, and made a small version of Corfu Bag in a form of a water bottle holder. You can also use it as a wine bottle cozy, which makes Pintano pattern great for creating gifts.

Access Pintano Bag crochet pattern page. It is on sale for subscribers until July 24th. Available in English, Dutch, Russian languages.

 Take Pintano along on your great adventures! It will fit a double wall stainless steel bottle as well as a small thermos! Check out my day at Cape May, NJ with Pintano:

Oblong bottom for Corfu Bag pattern

 Our group members showed a great interest in an oblong bottom for the Corfu Bag. I made a PDF file with a chart and round-by-round written instructions for 4 rounds oblong bottom. Looking at the picture below, you can get an idea how such bag may look like.

Feel free to download the file by clicking on the picture, or a button below.

Thank you for challenging me! I am deeply honored by your trust!

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