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Week 2: Starting the body, switching between colors, enclosing non-working ends in stitches.

Week 1 post

(June 29th):

  • Getting familiar with front post, back post stitches.

  • Making a swatch.

  • Completing the bottom.

Week 2 post

(July 3rd):

  • Bag bottom, starting body. Special stitches: shallow BPdc, FPdc at the top of embossed element.

  • Switching between colors.

  • Enclosing non-working end in embossed crochet stitches.

Week 3 post

(July 13th):

  • Finishing bag body, upper edge backing.

Week 4

(July 20th):

  • Spiral cord straps, optional lining.

Corfu Bag Make Along event is hosted at Facebook  Outstanding Crochet and Friends group.

I added additional helpful videos to the ones you already have in the pattern file. Thanks to all Outstanding Crochet and Friends group members for inspiring extras!

This time around I decided that Make Along weekly pages will get updated as we go because everybody crochets at a different pace, so check out regularly!

Hands On Corfu Bag video:

First double crochet in a row/round.

Substitute for ch-3.

Will it work for Corfu Bag bottom? Watch the experiment:

Enclosing non-working yarn in front post stitches.

Enclosing non-working yarn in back post stitches:

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