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Forager Ruana/ Shawl MAKE ALONG
Week 4 Highlights: Gallery, Atmospheric Video, My 2 Secret Forager Projects Unveiled,  Proof-Crocheting Pro Tip, What's Next, Discounted Patterns, Loads of Pictures!

Forager Ruana or Shawl MAKE A LONG

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The Make Along takes place in the official Scheepjes Facebook groups:

Get the pattern with 20% off October 4 - 25:

Forager Ruana or Shawl: MAL Week 4

Week 4 of Forager Marathon: Dance to Your Own Crafting Beat

Hey there,

We're zooming into the last week of our Forager marathon, and it's been a wild ride! We've already got a handful of fabulous finished shawls and ruana panels. But you know what? Everybody's dancing to their own crafting beat, and the berry-hunting spirit lives on this week and beyond. If you ever need to reach out, even after the MAL ends, just tag me - I'm here for you.


A huge shout-out to all of you amazing folks for jumping in, putting your trust in me, and being the incredible team you are! My secret wish is to randomly spot one of you on the street, rocking a Forager ruana or shawl. Bonus points if I'm wearing mine too – I'll be ready to sweep you off your feet, so watch out for one over-excited designer! :))

On Monday night, while I was taking pictures, I also decided to create a short video of my ruana. My hope is that this video helps you visualize yourself wearing and enjoying the fruits of your hard work soon.

Now, let's dive into this week's gallery and get ready to be blown away by the spectacular projects our fantastic community has brought to life.

From One to Two: My Forager Journey Multiplied!


You know, I've been quietly toiling away on yet another Forager project, and the time has come to reveal what it is exactly. But guess what? Something totally unexpected happened: as soon as I slipped it on, I couldn't resist the urge to open my trusty vector editing software and start charting another pattern! I hadn't even planned to participate in the MAL, and now I find myself with not one, but two brand-new Forager patterns, all thanks to your incredible inspiration!

video beow to uncover the mystery behind these two exciting projects!

I've already written up the instructions, and though the patterns aren't available just yet, we'll be kicking off testing shortly. So, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to catch them live and at a discount. Don't solely rely on social media, as our posts tend to reach only a fraction of our followers. The sign-up form is right at the top of this page. I promise to send you updates exclusively about new patterns and flash sales, so you can expect to hear from me only 1-2 times a month, tops.

Yarn used for Forager Surprise Project 1:

Scheepjes Terrazzo (70% Recycled Mulesing Free Wool x 30% Recycled Viscose, 175m/ 50g):

  • Yarn1 (border background): 2 skeins/ 85g in red/ 720 Sangria

  • Yarn2 (body background, borders contrast): 3 skeins/ 150g in light green/ 756 Guscio d'uovo

  • Yarn3 (leaves): 2 skeins/ 84g in dark green/ 710 Pera

  • Yarn4 (berries): 1 skein/ 5g in yellow/ 706 Paglia

Yarn used for Forager Surprise Project 2:

Scheepjes Terrazzo:

  • Yarn1 (main): 2 skeins/ 60g in red/ 720 Sangria

  • Yarn2 (contrast): 1 skein/ 25g in light green/ 756 Guscio d'uovo

Lauren's Crochet Trick: Mosaic Proofreading Technique

At this point, I thought I'd shared all my crochet secrets, but our tester, Lauren Wolf, keeps surprising me with fresh tips as she rocks her second ruana. Lauren has practically become a Forager pro, and I'm hanging on her every word! I wouldn't be surprised if her girlfriends are placing bets on who gets one of her stunning ruanas! :))

Now, Lauren's tip applies to those tricky rows like Row 5 of the Narrow Border that gave us all a good time! Lauren works her crochet magic by tackling Rows 5 and 6 of the Wide Border simultaneously, with one repeat of each. It's like proofreading your crochet in real-time! By starting the next row one repeat behind the previous, you're double-checking if the previous one is on point. If a mistake somehow snuck into Row 5, you'll spot it right away in Row 6, and you won't have a whole row to unravel. I'm sure many of you will find this idea brilliantly helpful!

More Overlay Mosaic patterns with a discount

I'm currently working on several mosaic crochet patterns, each at a different stage: two are nearly finished, a couple are still on my hook, and many more are swirling around in my head. :))

Be the first to know about new patterns. If you've enjoyed my mosaic crochet style, make sure to subscribe to my newsletters. You'll be the first to know when these new patterns are released. The form is at the top of any page on my website.


New animal mosaic pattern. I'm gearing up to publish a new animal pattern in November. Here's a hint: these creatures are known to mark humans as their territory and have exclusively developed a unique sound to communicate with people. So, keep your eyes peeled for this one! :)

In the meantime, I've discounted four patterns that you can grab today!

Ravelry: All four patterns are 20% OFF and 25% OFF if you grab 2, 3, or 4.

Etsy: All four patterns are 20% OFF, and if you want to grab 2, 3, or 4 with 25% OFF, send me a message on Etsy telling which Star Leaf patterns you have your eyes on. I will create a personal code for you.

Star Leaf Crochet Patterns:

Take another look at the Forager Snood and Mittens, although I pretty much covered all the angles during my can't-reasist-but-dancing wearing this combo at the end of the unveiling video. :)) These patterns are on their way, and I'm pretty sure some testers are already getting excited about the super-fast mittens!