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Forager Ruana/ Shawl MAKE ALONG

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Get the pattern with 20% off October 4 - 25:

So many messages filled with 'can't wait' and 'Is it October 4 already?' flooded the groups, and they truly got my heart racing with excitement and just a hint of nervousness. But you know what? Today is the day! It's honestly incredible to think that I've been gearing up for this moment since the beginning of October 2022! :))

Let me take you on a quick tour of my journey, from the initial sketching and swatching to the final ruana. It's been a whole year of hard work, alongside many other patterns. This journey included starting with a rough sketch, crafting a seamless branch design, creating a chart, swatching a single branch, visualizing how it would fit into the larger design, then tackling the entire panel without cropped leaves on the sides and realizing it needed to be frogged and redone. Finally, it led to the two blocked pieces now drying out on my balcony (fun fact: I'm using my camping rugs for this; here comes the first crochet tip for those who love multi-functionality). 

The Make Along takes place in the official Scheepjes Facebook groups:


In the groups, you can share your work, view the progress of other members, receive support from the designer, your crochet buddies, mods, and admins, and access any additional resources I may share during the MAL!

Grab the pattern:

  • With 20% discount ($4.39*) during the MAL (4-25 October 2023) on Ravelry or Etsy. *VAT and US sale and use taxes apply.

  • Languages: English and Dutch

  • Included: written instructions in US terms, schematics, charts, videos for all parts.

Check out our team gallery:

See ruana in action (wind to 1:11 time mark):

Feel free to use our affiliated yarn links (we receive a small commission from the seller at no additional cost to you; these links are also included in the above PDF's):
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Your Progress:


Just last week, I shared a video to help you become more comfortable with my overlay mosaic crochet style and charts. I also presented the choice between joined double crochet and regular double crochet, offering some crochet versatility.

The response was fantastic! Many of you promptly accepted the challenge and got to work.

Here's a collection of all your impressive swatches. Well done, everyone!

If you happened to miss that post, you can catch up with it HERE. Let's keep the crochet journey moving!