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Ruana test

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  1. Schematic. Body width is 34.5cm (not 35cm). Linda Mar 23.

  2. Gauge Instructions. Rows 4-21 (not Rows 4-11). Yannic Mar 23.

  3. Row 9. Screenshot. Bianca Mar 25.

  4. Row 21. Added after first CL: (throughout: with Yarn1; cut after st). Need to make video on enclosing berries yarn through entire row. Alison Mar 26.

  5. Need to change instructions for changing length. If you want to change length, contact me. Linda. Mar 27.

  6. Row 35. Last sts in row: 5sc (not 5dc). Alison Mar 28.

  7. Row 15. Seems hard to follow, so I added marking Row 14 for it to avoid unraveling and re-wrote instructions for Row 15 combining 25dc at the beg of repeat and 3dc at the end together as 28dc. Lauren Mar 29.
    Mark sts for 1st sc after dc-group in Row 15: sk Bsc and 25sc, pm in next sc, [sk 32sc, pm in next sc]x8, (25sc and Bsc remain to the end of row).
    Row 15: with Yarn2 Bsc,
    25dc (all single dc made with Yarn2 are joined dc throughout body),
    [sc, 2dc, sc, dec (1st leg below prev sc; all made with Yarn2 are joined throughout body)*, 28dc]x8,
    rep from [ to *, 21dc, Bsc.

  8. Rows 41, 43: missing "rep bet *'s" after ]. Linda Mar 30. File is updated.

  9. Row 33. sc (in FPedc, not FPdc). Bianca. Apr 2.

  10. Row 9. Typo in FPedc2tog (e is misplaced). Lorene. Apr 2.

  11. Wide border. Row 4. "pm in 6th sc" are deleted. Alison. Apr 2.

  12. Added a reminder to read special instructions for inc, /inc, and \inc at the beg of Body section. Wrote /inc and \inc in Italic to make them stand out. Lisa. Apr 2.

  13. Wide border. Row 22. 291sc (not 29sc). Alison. Apr 6.

  14. Body. Rows 58-85 or to 40cm/ 15 ¾'', not 45cm/ 17 3/4''. Lauren. April 25.

  15. Row 44, 80. FPdtr in FPedc (not FPdc). Monica. April 30.

  16. Row 46, 82. inc at the ed of row: in 1st dc of inc (not in 1st of 2sc). Monica. May 2.

  17. Multiple mistakes in chart. Karin.

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