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Maua Cardigan test

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1. Mistake! Page 8. Schematic 4. Markers 2 and 3 are off center (Sep 24, in PDF).

2. Oct 17 update:
- added tall versions for all sizes (8cm/ 3 1/4'' longer than regular),
- Mistake! Page 8 (Row 2 of bottom border branch): m6 instead of m3.
- Schematics 6 and 7: marked bottom and front border because these schematics are upside down compare to previous. But I think it's important to show them these way, because that's how they are arranged to work on inward edging.
- Added sc-dc-tog and dc-sc-tog to special stitches before edging.

3. Oct 30 update:

- added tall sizes (7.6cm longer than regular sizes),

- added charts for border edging, border branch, flowers,

- added gauge and measurement for border backing (Schematic 2); backing is intentionally longer than the body made in block stitch because it should stretch over a person neck,

- adjusted gauge for block stitch (23.7 sts instead of 24) measured after wearing a cardi,

- added measurement for branch repeat (about 8cm),

- a few small correction reported by testers.

4. Mistake! Nov 4. Left back and front together. Row 5. One less repeat for the back for all sizes.

5. Mistake! Nov 5. Right Sleeve. Rnd 1. Sizes M-L and 1-2X affected. They have m9 bet sts, so m9-dc can't be skipped. It's not a huge mistake and can be overlooked.

6. Nov 11. Left back and Left back and front together. Rows 9-last. Instead of trying to make it work repeating adjustments from right side, I decided to include instructions again because for left side there is 1 more stitch for back. This part created many questions so it's probably better to sacrifice a couple of pages, but not make people look back and forth between 2 sides plus keeping in mind 1 extra stitch for back. Thank you, Marlena and Paulina for bringing it up!

  • Nov 12 changes are highlighted green (added, re-phrased) or red (wrong) in the updated file.

7. Nov 12. Mistake! Inward border edging. Bottom border. Rnd 1.Instead of repeat front borders with x6 (7, 8, 9), it should be x5(6, 7, 8). (Paulina)

8. Nov 12. if adjustments are made to number of rows in right front and back together (and left), one should finish with RS dc row. Also, it throws off finding middle st instructions. So I edited Width check section accordingly. (Paulina)

9. Nov 12. Added hook size to Sleeves. (Paulina)

Soon: Hedera Mittens MAKE ALONG:

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