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Cat Bag/ Pillow test


Currently: Rnds 1-79

File was updated: Sep 10


Thank you for participating! I am honored by your interest in testing my pattern!

The deadline for completion: -

Let me know if something prevents you from finishing. Life happens and I completely understand. :)

  1. Please, create a project on Ravelry at any point before completing: Ravelry tester code: TEST-NK-RK4YTC, but do not add any pictures before the pattern is published.

  2. Pattern will be released in 2 parts. The second part will be released on completion of the first section of the design.


  4. Send questions, corrections, and suggestions either to the testing chat on Facebook or to me directly.

  5. I will be posting all corrections here and updating the file frequently so you can download the most recent file if desired.

​​​Corrections (highlighted pink are important):

  • Screenshot. Page 6. Special Stitches. Yarn1, 2, 3, 4 description is corrected (see screenshot). Monica, Aug 29.

  • Screenshot. Rnd 5. back: 12 sc (last in sc). See screenshot. Aurelia, Aug 29.

  • Screenshot. Rnd 7. back: sk dec, 9sc (instead of 10sc). Aurelia, Aug 29.

  • Rnd 2: with Yarn1 ss. Yannic, Aug 30.


File is updated (Aug 29, 5:26)

  • Screenshot. Body. Rnd 1. Added flo to "pm in 1st st of rnd" and replaced "as long as you need it" with "throughout". Jessica, Aug 30.

  • Rnd 12. missing "with Yarn2:". Aurelia, Aug 31.

  • Rnds 15, 17. "4edc" is changed to "4/-edc". Monica, Aug 31.

  • Rnd 16. back: ..., 30sc (last 2 in dec), inc (below behind/dec), ... Aurelia, Aug 31.

  • Rnd 22. after eye: with Yarn2: sc (in 2nd dc), ... Aurelia, Aug 31.

  • Rnds 23. back: ... 24sc (1st in dec not in sc), dec (1st leg in dec), 13dc, with Yarn2: ss. Aurelia, Aug 31.

  • Rnd 27. back: ... 14dc (1st in 2nd dc of inc), with Yarn2: ss. No special direction for 14dc. Aurelia, Aug 31.

  • Rnd 28. back: ... 17sc (last in sc)... No special direction for 17sc. Aurelia, Aug 31.

  • Rnd 30. Green instr were missing
    with Yarn3: dec (1st leg below prev sc), 5dc (first 2 in inc), inc (finish with Yarn2),
    with Yarn2: sk dc, 3sc, dec (1st leg in dec), 10dc, dec, 3sc (1st behind dec), dec (1st leg below prev sc), ... Aurelia, Aug 31.

File is updated (Aug 31, 11:00)

  • Screenshot. Rnd 37. back: missing "sk dc" after 9sc. Natalia, Aug 31.

  • Screenshot. Rnd 28. Make 4 more sc with Yarn3, then only 3sc at the beg of Yarn2 section after. Yannic, Sep 1.

  • Rnd 23. Typo: "in sc" instead of "inc sc". Monica, Sep 1.

  • Rnd 29: Added instructions front: with Yarn1: ch1, 23dc, dec (2nd leg in dec), 2sc, sk dc, inc (in sc), sc, sk dc, 2/-dc (in dc and dec), 16sc (last 4 in sc; from 10th sc start enclosing Yarn3 backwards),... Yannic, Sep 1.

File is updated (Sep 1, 12:14 EST)

  • Rnd 35. ... 17dc, dec (2nd leg in dec), 10sc, 4dc (1st in dec), dec (1st leg in dec), Aurelia, Sep 1.

File is updated (Sep 1, 13:14 EST)

  • Rnd 49: front: 26sc (4th in sc) Aurelia, Sep 2.

  • Rnd 49. back: ..., 13dc, sc, sk dc, inc, 6dc, ... Aurelia, Sep 2.

  • Rnd 53. front: ..., 22sc, dc, dec (2nd leg in dec), 7sc ... Aurelia, Sep 2.

  • Rnd 53. back: 70sc, not 69scAurelia, Sep 2.

  • Rnd 54. back: ..., 24sc (first 2 in 2dec), sk dc, inc (not dec (1st leg in dec)), 4dc, .... Aurelia, Sep 2.

  • Rnd 56. ..., 7dc (last 2 in sc) instead of (6-7 in sc), ..., with Yarn1: ss. Aurelia, Sep 2.

  • Rnd 59: front: 9sc (first 2 behind edc), sk dc (not 2nd dc of inc), 3/-dc, ... Aurelia, Sep 2.

  • Rnd 60. back: 7dc (last in sc), inc, 15sc (first 2 in 2dec, last in sc), 3dc, Aurelia, Sep 2.

File is updated (Sep 2, 13:14 EST)

  • Rnd 62: back: ..., 70sc (not 69sc), ... Aurelia, Sep 2.

  • Rnd 71. back: 2dc, 24sc (1st in dec), dec (1st leg in dec),  Aurelia, Sep 3.

  • Rnd 76. front: with Yarn3: sc (in dec), 4dc (first 2 in sc), Aurelia, Sep 3.

  • Rnd 77. back: 3sc (1st in sc), sk dc, inc (in sc), Aurelia, Sep 3.

File is updated (Sep 3, 22:10 EST)

  • Rnd 61. Ignore highlighted instructions: back: 4dc (last in sc), inc, 13sc (first 2 in 2dec, last 2 in sc), \dec (in 2dec below prev 2sc), dec, 11dc, 4sc (last in dec), dec (in first 2dc), 70dc, dec (2nd leg in dec), sc (in dc), with Yarn2: ss. Monica, Dalia. Sep 4.

  • Rnd 54.1/-dc (behind dec), not 1-dc. Dalia. Sep 4.

  • Rnd 29. Ignore highlighted instructions: back:  ..., 16dc, inc (in sc), sk dec, ... Dalia. Sep 4.

  • Rnd 84: front: 7sc (last in dec; finish with Yarn4), with Yarn4: sc (in dec), Aurelia, Sep 5.

  • Rnd 87: front: with Yarn1: ch1, dc, 3sc, sk dec, inc, 6dc, 3sc, sk dec, inc, dc, dec (2nd leg in dec), 2sc, sk dc, inc, 2dc, dec (2nd leg in dec), 2sc, sk dc, inc (in sc), 3sc, ... Aurelia, Sep 5.
  • Rnd 88. back: 24sc (1st in dec), dec (in 2dc), 25sc (not dc) (1st in dec), Aurelia, Sep 5.

File is updated (Sep 5, 13:00 EST)

  • Rnd 107: , 11dc instead of 10dc (5th - 7th in sc), Yannic, Sep 6

  • Rnd 100: with Yarn1 ss. Aurelia, Sep 7.

  • Rnd 107. Special stitches: sc2tog (both legs are flo, not blo). Aurelia, Sep 7.

  • Added videos for Rnds 1, 2, 3, whiskers video and instruction. Natalia, Sep 7.

File is updated (Sep 8, 10:50 EST)
File is updated (Sep 10, 14:00 EST)

  • Rnd 49: 6th - 11th. Rnd 55: 10th and 11th. Rnd 60: 5th - 8th. Rnd 66: 10th - 16th. Rnd 67: 5th-9th, 9th-17th. Rnd 68: 10th-13th, 6th-12th.. Dalia, Sep 13.

  • Rnd 70: move m to (not in) 2nd dc. Dalia. Sep 13.

  • Rnd 78. front: 2\-dc (in last 2 of 3dc). Dalia, Sep 13.

  • Rnd 82. front: 10sc (5th in sc; finish with Yarn4), with Yarn4: 4sc, ... Dalia, Sep 13.

  • Rnds 82, 84, 86: finish with Yarn4; enclose Yarn2 in underlines sts), and delete "enclose Yarn2" from next 2 paragraphs. Dalia, Sep 13.


Soon: Hedera Mittens MAKE ALONG:

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