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"Creating means living". - Dejan Stojanovic, The Shape

Hey there! I'm Natalia, a designer settled in North Carolina, United States. While hooks and needles are my go to, I occasionally drop them for my other passions of photography, hiking, tennis, camping, and reading.
A life-long knitter, I developed a passion for crochet at age 34. It turned into a full-time designing business in 2015.
I create patterns for modern crochet clothing and accessories. You will find written instructions, charts, schematics, and videos for stitches and techniques in my patterns.
My goal is to make challenging patterns comprehensive and easy to follow for  an intermediate skill level crocheter.
If you are not 100% satisfied, please let me know how I can improve.

Why buying patterns from an independent designer?

  • I am not limited by space like magazines, so I add a ton of pictures and videos!

  • I provide pattern support and you can ask me any questions, at any time!

  • Follow me on social media to have a sneak peek on my current work and get to know me!

  • I believe what you invest so much time in must be a head-turner, so I don't settle for less. Choose your next project today, follow my social media and subscribe to my newsletter to never miss a new pattern and get exclusive, for subscribers only coupons!

  • Happy crocheting! ~ Natalia

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