Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Irish Crochet. Where to learn. irish Crochet Lab.

Hello fellow crocheters,

This post is about Irish Crochet and how to learn that beautiful old craft. 

For those who don’t know what it is:
Traditional Irish Crochet lace is worked with three different thread weights: a fine thread for the crocheted motifs; a slightly heavier thread is used as a foundation cord; and even finer thread is used for the background netting. Irish lace pattern pieces are crocheted individually, using several basic crochet stitches over the heavier foundation thread, to form rings, leaves, flowers. After all the pieces are finished, they are arranged and sewn onto heavy paper or cloth and the spaces between them are filled in with different netting using the finest crochet hook and thread. Once the entire work is finished, it is removed from the paper or cloth.

As I was trying to learn Irish Crochet or its modern interpretation, I couldn't find one resource to help me and I had to gather bits of information all over the Internet. 

Some time ago I came across Irish Crochet Lab, one of a kind web-site where you can learn Irish Crochet techniques using video-lessons.
There is a permanent link on the right side of my blog as well.
I became friends with the owner Larisa, very nice person and perfectionist as myself. Yes, yes, she is Russian. :))
We've been in touch since then and spent hours talking about crochet, while ... guess ... crocheting together using Skype. :)
Since she is much more profound in Irish crochet than me, I decided to ask her a few questions about learning Irish crochet.

Larisa, what kind of supplies does one need to start Irish Crochet project?

All you need is crochet thread and a crochet hook. But here I would like to say that you will need a lot of different weight of thread and not just one hook, but crochet hooks made for crocheting lace. I would recommend DMC crochet thread (#5, #8, #10, and #12), or Lizbeth crochet thread (##10 – 80). There is more information on my website about thread and crochet hooks.

Crochet hooks that I recommend are Clover or Tulip. Both brands are available on amazon.com (##0.5 – 1.25mm).

What kind of project would you recommend for a beginner? 

If you never crochet Irish Lace, then it will be wise to start with learning to use fine crochet thread and fine crochet hooks. It is not the same as crochet with yarn and, for instance, with a hook #3 – 5 mm. Also it is important to learn crochet tight. Loose work will just look sloppy. Of course you have to start with something small. You have to practice with small items first. For example, doily, tea cozy, purse, lamp shade, some appliqué pieces to decorate your old jeans jacket, and so on. Sometimes people want to crochet dresses and jackets right away. It does require a lot of skill, and it is not a project for a beginner.


What can be learned from your lessons? 


We will have three levels of video tutorials: for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For now Beginner video tutorials are ready. Each tutorial consists of stitches you need to learn, step-by-step lessons and written instructions for each motif and project you will crochet, and videos that will guide and help you to learn Irish Crochet Lace.
​In the Beginner course you will learn the basics of Irish Crochet Lace, different varieties of stitches used in traditional and modern Irish Crochet Lace.

You will learn: 

- how to crochet roll stitch;

- how to crochet two different variations of clones knot;

- how to crochet over a packing cord, and how to shape motifs using packing cord;

- how to crochet Romanian cord, and how to shape it in different way;

- how to crochet variety of most popular and common motifs in Irish Crochet Lace;

- how to crochet button, and different ways you can use this motif;

​Part 2

​​- different varieties of background netting;

- how to crochet borders, and insertions in Irish crochet;

- how to make pattern-template for your projects;

​- how to make eight beautiful projects with clear demonstration, and detailed instructions;​

- finishing techniques for Irish Crochet Lace;

Lesssons are not all you can find at Irish Crochet Lab.

There is a few Irish Crochet gurus who offer their patterns. Among them is Miroslava Gorohovich, whose work you can see above;

Elena Statkevich:

and Julia Verbitska:

Good luck with your projects and happy crocheting!


  1. This was a very interesting post! Thank you for introducing us to Larisa and the Irish Crochet Lab. I'm going to spend some time now looking through the website. :)

  2. Как всё красиво! Но я не ношу свой трехцветных жилет(топ) связанный ирландией. Мечтаю об однотонном - светлом. Лучше всего смотрится белый, молочные тона, льняные...
    Но многоцветье Колючки можно часами рассматривать. Там настоящие картины. Люблю морской сюжет.

    1. Абсолютно согласна. Я тоже за одоцветье. Хотя девочки молодцы, такая красота! Морской топ Елены особенно классный.

  3. There is also site for irish crochet with lessons and ideas http://irishcrochetlace.com/index.php?lang=en

  4. Восхищение не только от красоты, но и от сложности работ.
    Мне тоже нравятся больше одноцветовые решения (может быть, с небольшими переливами оттенков). Но ещё и многоцветные (от маков в восторге), когда они вклиниваются в значительное по площади однотонное полотно.