Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crochet shorts "Sunny Beach", photo-shooting.

First of all, I sewed in elastic cord to the bottom edge of my shorts. It feels much better now. Last time at the beach I felt like my bottom showing up and falling out. I just felt uncomfortable. Now I can play paddle ball wearing them.
Secondly, I did my photo-shooting today, because pictures without a model kind of useless.
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Free People. Crochet Tunic.

I like this hippie look.
Taken from here.

Pain Du Sucre. Beautiful Crochet Bodywear and swimwear..

I absolutely love it.
The model is Katarina Ivanovska.
Pain Du Sucre website.
These are the only crochet pieces I found on their website. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yellow Crochet Shorts "Sunny beach".

I even put them on ones at the beach last weekend. But it was chilly, I was sitting in my chair wrapped in big towel, no desire to do pictures.

Karen Millen. Jacket and dress.

I have to admit. I have feelings for this color. It's so natural, just beautiful.
I like it when back has more details  than front.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Norristown Farm, Norristown, PA

French Creek State Park, PA

It was 10 of us, camping. What would I say... too many people for camping! Still it was fun, but meals were a challenge and somebody always was sitting in MY comfy chair! :))

Here, in the background, my new big tent! Love it, because I can stand inside and it doesn't give me claustrophobic feeling.

Me is missing, 10 people.

Pretending... running.

Swimming at the creek in St. Peter's Village, PA

Gentle touch. You are free to go.

Little pony.

Birthday boy - Jahn.

On the trail.

Me, resting.

Explorers. :))

This tree amazed us by it's size.

Hot afternoon.

Yeah... we hate it.

My friends, Tais and Agata.


See you next time, French Creek Park!