Friday, February 24, 2012

Crochet Multicolored Shawls.

Crochet multicolor poncho with fringe. How to make (my thoughts).

Here is how I see it.

Now when I published it I see I made a mistake. Second row are 12 dc separated by 1 chain, not treble crochet, as I marked them.
Every whole flower connects with 6 others by petals.
Every other row you'll have to finish with half of a flower at both ends.
The whole poncho must be bordered  with a row of sc or dc plus fringe.
I used Sugar'n Cream yarn. It's pretty thick.
Hook 5 mm.

Put-up: 2.00 oz / 56 g, 6 Balls / Package
Length: 95 yd / 86 m

The diameter of the flower is 11 cm ( about 4.5 inches) .
I measured about 50 cm from shoulder to waist. So yarn must be thinner to fit 5 flowers in that length.
If you do more than 7 chain for the last row, it might look even better especially if you use thick yarn like Sugar'n Cream, then it could be 4 flowers from shoulder down to waist.
Good luck!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Open back Irish crochet Dress.

I like that combo: the front is covered up to you neck and back is....
From here.

Crochet poncho.

I love baggy cloth, when you can wrap yourself like a delicious candy...
From here.
I think there are two squares and they are crossing on front and probably on the back side, which doesn't look very neat. I would try to come up with some other solution.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crochet vest from Boston Proper. Starting...

Notes and charts for this vest are available here:

One of my readers here shared followed link where girls are making that vest.
I checked it out, even suggested abcrew to look into it.
Girls are doing really well, no offense, but something important FOR ME is missing.
Here are the motives:
I think distances between squares must be longer. That is what makes this vest standing out.
So I spent some time today to try it out. Here what I made.

I used cotton #5 and hook #2. I think a little bit thicker yarn would be better, but I've bought that thread an year ago (!) and I am sick and tired of trying to figure out for the whole year what to make out of it! 
I think with blue jeans and white top it will look really nice in summer.