Monday, March 26, 2012

Irish Crochet. How. Lessons.

What do we need?
1. To make a pattern out of fabric or (cheap way, which I never tried, but seems like a good idea) - big plastic bag.
2. A board to pin on your pattern and all your motives and connect them together. I use some kind of foam material board, which doesn't fit the whole pattern, so I re-pin it as many times as I need.
3. Usually you should use thicker thread for flowers and leaves and thinner one for a net to connect them together. 

Lessons on Youtube from Victoria Isakina.
In Russian, but really there is no need for translation. If you have any questions, ask me.
1. Materials you need.

2. Pin you work on. Important: pin your motives on wrong side up.

3. How to make a chain. Practice to make a chain.

4. How to edge up your motives. 1 slip stitch in every stitch, 2 chain stitches in between.

I never do that. 
5. Irregular net.

6. Irregular net.

7. Irregular net.
8. Irregular net.
9. Irregular net.
10. Irregular net at the edge.
All her lessons together here.

Irregular net from Olgemini. In pictures. 

To be continued....


  1. These are beautiful! Some day I am going to have to thread this! Letting you know I'm passing the Liebster award on to you for your beautiful blog. I so enjoy reading your entries. Linda/lindacrochets

    1. Thank you, Linda! Your dollies are so beautiful!

  2. Nagyon nagyon szép munkák, klassz segítségek, köszönöm

  3. many thanks. Finally I can understand how they do it. it´s great. I´ll try one then I let you know many thanks

  4. Hi Natlia, I loved this post, your explanations may help a lot of people including me..:-))
    I have made a post about how I work in irish crochet, maybe you can take a look, bye for now...greetings from Brazil!
    and here:

  5. ich bin begeistert, wunderschöne Sachen machst Du da.

  6. Hello,
    Thank you for showing your beautiful work of arts. Can you help me find patterns for motifs and irish crochet for a wedding dress. I hope to make a beautiful dress for my niece.
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi. Those pictures are not mine. For Irish Crochet I can recommend