Sunday, October 30, 2011

First snow.

I love summer but was happy to walk this morning around neighborhood.

I even went sledding with my son. :-0
Happy winter!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Something borrowed. Crochet shorts. Pattern.

Wow. Sexy...
You can buy them for $148 here.

Kate Hudson in the movie "Something borrowed" is wearing these shorts , when she is walking with her fiancée at the beach.

I am definitely going to make beach shorts or short skirt for the next season.

Here is a topic on Osinka where girls making them together.
Patterns are taken from there.

Plushki make :(( - :))

It's snowing here, in Pennsylvania, today. :((

So I made some "plushki" my mom used to make every Saturday when I was a kid. Though mine are wholewheat.
:)) Happy Saturday!

Crochet square motifs.

Crochet square motifs.
Some patterns you can find on Ludmila's blog here.
It's in Russian, but patterns are images, so they are quite understandable.

Friday, October 28, 2011

La Priscilla. Knitted flower. Master class.

Cute little details.
I like this one more. Flowers on the stripes look too much.
Even 3 flowers would look great on the top you already have in your closet. :)
Flowers I'll show farther are different, but my opinion they look better. What do you think?
Look at this masterclass:

Author. She is amazing!
I like this one. Asymmetry always looks better, not so obvious.
See the difference? It's like when you take pictures: don't put you object in the middle, it usually looks boring.

Ok. Here is some more.
I think there is no masterclass needed. Simple. For girls with little breasts though. Not for me :)))

Here is the pattern. In Russian.

If anybody is interested, I can translate.
Have a good night, my friends and look fabulous tomorrow!

Just for You.

It's so girly... I like it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Camping in Green Lane. Fall in full.

Last weekend, despite being considered as crazy by our friends, we went camping and had wonderful time.

All pictures here.

Indian Rose. Pullover with fringe.

Here is what I love: bright colors. The fringe is an interesting detail to consider adding in our projects, don't you think?
I found this one with label "Indian Rose", though I couldn't find the brand when googled it. So I am not sure...

Free People. Vintage.

Just pictures.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dana Buf. Romantic Crochet Jacket.

Very romantic jacket. Not my style, but I love worm white clothing. It's like you don't care that winter is coming. And we don't. We are going camping this weekend. Hopefully we'll survive.
Have a great weekend, everybody!

Clare Tough. Black Crochet Coat.

Could be a super fast project. :)