Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dreaming about summer dress.

I am so exited! Thank to Ann and her blog  Bella Crochet I read about Elmore Pisgah, which is going out of business and having 50 % off clearance event. I've never heard about their yarn "America's best" before.
So I couldn't decide which color to get:
This one: Turquoise

or this one: Thunderbird
Last summer I war crazy about this color:

Everything I was buying was that color.  I hated myself and couldn't help myself!
I see this summer it's going to be green madness. All right (sighing).
So.... I've got both!!!!
I can't wait to get them! It's going to be a summer dress, knitted or crocheted, haven't decided yet.

Crochet swimwear.

I have an idea to crochet a swimsuit!
When you knit or crochet a swimsuit you require yarn that holds its shape.
Yarn for making swim wear has to be stretch and experts say that you have to crochet  edges with extra elastic floss.
Another thing we have to be aware of is if using cotton, your swim wear would be drying off for really long time, so it's better to wear that bikini only if you're not going to swim. Actually it happens a lot here in New Jersey where we go every weekend in summer, when it's really hot outside but the ocean is very cold, so I am not worried.
I might try to find acrylic yarn. Another way to ensure it won't stretch out is to make lining.
May be the best way is to buy neutral color  swimsuit ant to crochet it over!!!! Good idea!
I didn't find any suitable yarn so far.
I'll keep you informing how it goes.
For now inspire yourself, look at those beautiful pieces:
Let me know which one you like the most.
I like #14 and #18.


























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